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The most important photography course you’ll ever take

Over the past few years of teaching photographers, I’ve found that one of the most beneficial ways of learning is in a group. Not huge numbers, but enough that you can encourage each other while helping and growing together. This is why Mastering Black and White is most effective with at most, 20 participants.

The course content is three-fold.

Part One
You will learn how to “see” in black and white, identify which images work best in B&W, learn how to improve your composition and image design, and of course, camera techniques to guarantee a great exposure every time.

Part Two
To improve your understanding and experience of using post production techniques to further enhance your work. You will learn how to evaluate the tonal range and tonal balance of an image, and then, how to make global and selective changes using adjustment layers, selections, masks, and the Curves tool ; Photoshop’s most powerful tools.

Part Three
Learn how to interpret, evaluate and discuss your work with others in the group.